Communication Is More Important Than We Think

Hello, Strangers! My name is Christian Garcia, and I am a second year student in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. The sole purpose of this blog is to improve communication skills in everyday settings as well as a work environment. Many students take for granted how important it is to be able to adequately adapt depending on different types of interpersonal communications.

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by many different social groups and as such it was necessary for me to develop superior communication skills. However, for some, communication is not such an innate skill.  Not many realize that communication is more than verbal exchanges, but everything from body language to clothing worn can communicate non-verbal cues.

Let’s be honest, who has not found themselves in a situation in which a communication error has led to a problematic exchange? With a little practice and knowledge such mistakes would be a blunder of the past.

And remember, as cheesy as it may sound, though the world has many different languages, a smile is universal.

Stay classy, readers.


About Christian Garcia

Second year student at the University of Texas at Austin studying in the McCombs School of Business.
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